ALKEME is your source for innovation through the application of creative technology, business systemization, optimization and scaling.

Together we are driving the next wave of industry disruption by creating a new breed of insurance brokerages that are better equipped to grow and succeed in the digital age.

Since our inception in 2020, ALKEME has adhered to a consistent approach and strategy focused on driving value through operational and strategic excellence in insurance and wealth management companies. Our platform is successful because each member of our team has executed this strategy as owners and operators, as well as investors.


In 2018, eight well established brokerages based throughout Southern California decided to leave a cluster arrangement they were members in to create a new affiliate group later to be named ALKEME. In early 2020 the Founders of ALKEME decided to merge together and seek a capital partner to scale the operations. ALKEME partnered with GCP Capital, who has deep experience in the insurance space and allows ALKEME to provide a growth platform and capital for our partners to further grow their brokerages and achieve new levels of success.


Our Model

Our holding company model gives us flexibility in acquisition structure and the ability to work with business sellers to achieve their unique goals with customized solutions. Unlike many buyers, ALKEME will not overburden our partner companies with debt, or take away their autonomy, their brand, or impact their leadership and culture.


Our Team

Since our team has both operated and sold our own insurance and wealth management firms, ALKEME is able to streamline processes, focus on the important things, and provide rapid and timely expertise to help companies find new ways to grow.


Our Approach

Our differentiated approach and experience will help optimize your value proposition and achieve your goals. We have committed capital, a strong balance sheet, and the ability to support companies throughout their operating lifecycle.

Getting started is easy.

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