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ALKEME included in Insurance Business America’s 2023 Fast Starter and Fast Brokerages

ALKEME Insurance was included in Insurance Business America’s Fast Brokerages rankings which are awarded to all-round top-performing insurance brokerages in the United States. Alkeme was awarded both the 2023 Fast Starter as well as the 2023 Fast Brokerages awards.

Peter L. Miller, president and CEO of The Institutes, who provides thought leadership and education to the insurance sector, details the standards required to stand out:

  • “Providing insights to their customers, particularly data-driven insights that help reduce their clients’ cost of risk”
  • “Seeing opportunities that other brokerages do not and strategizing on how to take advantage of them”
  • “Focusing on the right data and how to turn that into consumable insights for their clients in ways that other organizations have not yet caught up to”
  • “Having a deliberate focus on acquiring and developing talent with the right skillsets to excel in a rapidly changing landscape”

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